Prince Hall (1735-1807)

This article is written by Caitlyn Caitlyn Arnwine (formerly Caitlyn Cobb) in 2017 and updated last in 2023 with the quote at the beginning. All the sources are linked throughout the article in green.

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“A quest to ensure that Black people understood their past was at the heart of the creation of Black History Month…If you think you have no history, it’s like being rootless…It’s unnatural. If you think your people don’t have history, you can do nothing. The point of Black History Month is so you can understand your history.”

– CeLillianne Green, author of “A Bridge: The Poetic Primer on African and African American Experiences.” Washington Post. February, 1st, 2022

On February 1st, 2024, we honor Prince Hall of Boston, who was not only a registered voter of his day, but a staunch abolitionist and civil rights activist who used the power of petitions to effectively petition the government to gain rights for Black people.

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