#VRABlackHistory 2024 Series

#VRABlackHistory 2024 Edition

The Transformative Justice Coalition and the Voting Rights Alliance, in honor of Black History Month 2023, revived the daily special series devoted to sharing the legacies and stories of the sheroes, heroes, and events in the fight for Black suffrage. This series was created in 2017 and this year, added a total of 4 NEW articles. In addition to these daily newsletters all February long, this series also incorporated daily social media posts; an interactive calendar; and, website blog posts to spread the word broadly.

We encourage everyone to share this series to your networks and on social media under the hashtag #VRABlackHistory. You can also tweet us @TJC_DC to share your own facts.

This is the 6th year we have done the series since 2017 as there was one year we skipped the series. The Transformative Justice Coalition thanks those who have been republishing our articles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, your websites, and as articles. Over these past 28 days, these Black History emails have been opened over 98,000 times, with over 7,400 individual clicks and had an average open rate of 38%, with the highest being a 62% open rate. You have responded with gratitude and an eagerness for knowledge, despite this being one of the most controversial Black History Months in recent times. In light of the recent attempts to ban Black History, we are even more pleased to share these stories this year and have encouraged everyone in the 18 states that have banned Black History to some degree to share these stories broadly!

We want to extend our gratitude for your appreciation of the history this series shares.


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